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Tips and rules for travelers

Those who choose to travel by car, or otherwise go out on the street, have a moral obligation and a duty to respect certain rules. The driver of any vehicle must be aware that if he does not comply with the rules, keeping due attention, he can cause danger for himself and for others.

For work, for laziness and for going on vacation, the car has become an asset that today you cannot do without. They leave the factory equipped with all the latest generation comforts and safety accessories, but the driver’s behavior remains crucial for his own safety and that of others.

Getting on the road on busy days could be stressful. For this reason, before traveling, it is advisable to try to:

  • check the efficiency of the vehicle
  • make smart starts – Avoid, if possible, the most critical days and hours for car traffic
  • plan your trip and learn about alternative routes – Inquire about the construction sites that remain open and about any alternative routes
  • leave with small kinds of comfort on board, especially water, especially if you are traveling with children
  • rationally arrange luggage by balancing the weights and not overloading the car
  • identify a correct position for the transport of animals
  • avoid large meals and alcohol
  • be sufficiently rested
  • avoid taking medicines that cause attention-limiting effects

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